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PAGUFLEX® PLUS shaft couplings

The double loop-shaped, thermoplastic compensating element of the coupling HYTREL®, a Thermoplastic Ether Ester Elastomer (TEEE) from DuPont.

Owing to the hogh reverse bending strenght of the flexible material and the cardan-like shaping of the power transmitter, this development is the ingenious, technical solution for shaft displacement problems in motive power engineering and in measurement and control techniques.

Recommendations fpr our products come from the design of:
shaft-anle encorders, counting mechanisms, tachogenerators, servo valves, elevating tables, feeding drives, pumps, compressors and ventilators, kitchen equipment, office systems, textile machines and for numerous applications in the automobile and aircraft industries.

The one-piece coupling works frictionless, waerless and silently, and without any troubling effects (i. e. without troubling structure-borne sounds).

Thus in changes of direction of rotation or during torque fluctuations with load direction reversal, PAGUFLEX® PLUS enables play-free and shock-free power transmission, together with effective vibration damping and sound insulation.

In noumerous technical applications the material HYTREL® has been successfully substituted not only for established thermoplastics but also for elastomers. In combines ideally the advantages of both materials and therefore is the innovation for flexible shaft couplings.

It enables the opening up of new areas of application in extremely low and high temperatures. Also in association with media in which owing to their sensitivity elastic elements have shown themselves to be of `limited use´. Further applications are those in which up to now the reverse bedning strenght of the material has set narrow limits with regard to mechanical fatigue loading. In these,
PAGUFLEX® PLUS is now the solution.

The high flexibility of the thermoplastic coupling element effectively lightens the burden of the shaft bearings of motors and machines even in circumstances of large radial and angular, alignment errors. With the help of PAGUFLEX® PLUS, the bearings run quieter, warm up less and achieve longer durability, thus lengthening service life.


PAGUFLEX® PLUS - plus points

- high torsional rigidity with optimal beeding and traction or thrust flexibility

- ingeniously simple constructional principle

- one-piece design - without play, friction, wear and structure

- simple fitting, no extra machining of the shaft journals

- minimum fitting volume, radially and axially

- extremely high, permissible displacement error values:
angular approx. Ø ±15°, radial approx. Ø ±3 mm and
axial approx. 10 to 20  mm

- coupling can be used as an universal joint for large or inermittent bending angles of the shaft

- elastic element made of HYTREL® (Thermoplastic Ether Ester Elastomer, TEEE); enabling:

- high operational reliability in the temperature
range between -40 °C und +100 °C

- outstandig chemical resistance to acids, alkalis,
solvents, oils, gases, ozone

- high tear propagation resistance, high low- temperature flexibility, high abrasion resistance and reverse bending strenght

- Iisulation from heat, structure-borne noise and leakage currents

- damping of vibration and shock

- relieves the motor/machine shaft bearings of lateral and axial forces

- steel bosses with corrosion-protected, galvanised surface or
optionally available in special designs

- couplings can be used as safety element: shearing off of the
elastic body as a result of overload = limitation of damage


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Plus points
High torsional rigidity with optimal beeding and traction or thrust flexibility, ingeniously simple constructional principle ... more

The double loop-shaped, thermoplastic compensating element of the coupling HYTREL®, a Thermoplastic Ether Ester Elastomer (TEEE) ... more

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